Friday, 12 February 2016

The Oxford Comma

Today's trivia is provided by a happy moment in an otherwise dour week.

"Know It All" and I were talking about the evident lack of a good background in English language we have both noticed in the young, newly-graduated staff.   
"Oh yes," we said, "education is not what it was in our day".   Then we nodded sagely at each other as only two women of a certain age can.
"And not only English," she said.  "Geography, history, and general science too".
Why yes!" I said, "Some of that age have never even heard of hanging valleys".
Silence.   Then,
"I haven't", said she. “What are they?"   And so into an explanation which would have made my geography teacher proud.
I could see "Know It All" rattling through the filing cabinet otherwise known as brain cells.   Then the light bulb moment.
"Do you know what The Oxford Comma is?" She looked triumphant.   But alas, her balloon was destined to be popped.  I do.  Ah, the bliss of victory.   

We are now good friends:-)

And I need to find another such happy moment with "Do Nothing" at work and we too, could become best friends.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Voila, le biscornu

It is finished.
I was so sure I had swarovski crystal beads in this shade of green, but they are nowhere to be found so I opted for simplicity.   The centre bead is jade from a keyring given me many years ago by a friend.  Why waste a jade bead on a keyring?
And the back?   Well that is plain.
I don't know much French but I do know that everything is either feminine or masculine.  A biscornu?  Must be masculine I think, with all those stick-out corners :-)

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Year of the Monkey

For the past couple of nights we have been kept awake by fireworks in a nearby park as the Chinese Community celebrate the New Year -  The Year of the Monkey
While sleepless last night I remembered that I too had monkeys.... three wise ones in fact.
These were Great Grandmother's and look like they could do with a good polish!   Where Old Gran got them from I do not know but there is an Indian inscription and the word England on the bottom.

So today it is New Year Greetings from "Speak No Evil, See No Evil and Hear No Evil"

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Waste not want not

In my latest hardanger foray there was a small rectangle of fabric left so I decided that it was time for another biscornu.  

So here we are.   The back will be plain and I have yet to decide on the filling stitches for the top.   Somewhere in stash I have green Swarovski crystal beads which may give this otherwise plain object some sparkle.
Short and sweet tonight.   The HD3QBEM and I spent too long talking and then I helped with her knitting so time ran out.  Good night all.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Guild Bag

Well, would you believe it?  Noddy is way too much counting to be a suitable Guild project.  I had two reverse trips last night just settling him in to the fabric.  So that's a No Go.   Even the HD3QBEM said she didn't think he'd like Guild!
So back to the thinking chair and then I remembered this.
Now, long long ago in a far off town, Grandma wanted to use up her stray embroidery threads.   The result would need to be something useful, she thought.  So she started on a piece of scrap canvas and the random result was this.
She used it well and in due course the HD3QBEM inherited it and made good use of it.  Now it is my turn for the bag but one of the handles is broken and  Margaret, Margaret quite contrary wants to make her own rather than just replace a handle.   Well wouldn't you,  if you had a bag of threads dumped on you with the comment, " you stitch so you will use these".   I have canvas, I have threads, I have time at guild, so result is guaranteed non?   Mes Amis, I will tell you that, after the last Guild meeting in December:-)

Sunday, 7 February 2016

She can, she can't

Look at this.
Would you believe I actually like cooking and experimenting with different foods?   I do and I don't.   I do love it but I don't do it.
The HD3QBEM has digestive problems and the list of foods that cannot be eaten far outweighs the list of foods that can.   So her meals are a dietitian's nightmare as they are so nutritionally imbalanced.   We neither of us worry about that.   Is nutritional balance so vitally important at 86?
Add into the mix a hypersensitivity to Vitamin K which upsets the balance of her warfarin medication and the only applicable adjective is boring.   Tonight was teriyaki chicken, potato and carrot.   Tomorrow will be the remainder of the teriyaki chicken, potato and broccoli. That's right.  Every second night is either broccoli or silver beet and in that way I maintain her INR at levels the GP attributes to her own medical skill ;-)
However my lovely, perpetually cheerful HD3QBEM always says "Thank you dear.   That was delicious."  

PS please don't suggest cabbage or she will become an unlovely uncheerful HD3QBEM!!  That is on the can't list, I just forgot to write it down.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Comfort stitching

Having completed both the basket and the thimblepod I am allowed to part company with the little crosses and indulge in some comfort stitching/
My next project is going to be a hardanger runner for my coffee table. So tonight I stitched the kloster blocks on a sample motif.   This I will make into a notebook cover (the spiral backed sort of notebook not the computer version) but first I wanted to check the size etc - rather like kntting a swatch to measure gauge I suppose.  
This will be satisfactory and on Monday ( public holiday here) I will make a trip to The Ribbon Rose to get the necessary DMC perle thread.   The fabric is a 28 count evenweave - Jobelan I think -  from stash and is actually a pretty greenish shade rather like DMC 522.   I don't really like stitching on anything but linen but this fabric is stable and really suitable for the runner I have in mind.
Today has been wet and hot so indoor jobs are all done and my stash cupboard has been cleaned and tidied.  
I even managed to finish my book - the latest Val McDermid.   Now I am off to bed with the latest Peter May.   Both of these were ordered from my local library and I had a long wait as they were very popular.  Other readers will be waiting so I cannot renew and must finish by the due date.   So off to bed I go:-)