Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Snow in Spring

Just showing off tonight.
My miniature daffodils are flowering beautifully at my front gate.   Photos are deceptive - these are only about 12 cm high.
And this snow bedecked house needs a tree, a night sky and some foreground before being set in a Tim Holtz Pocket Watch.    This is on 40 count linen with DMC floss - the white snow is a sparkly floss , DMC from a give away I think.
I'm off to do that now.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Knitting needles and sewing needles

Last week I made a determined effort to finish my knitted socks.   Having now dug a deep hole in my left forefinger, I can confirm that these fair hands have completed a pair of identical socks.   There was some worry at the commencement of sock two as to whether these would be identical or fraternal twins - but all is well.
And the turned heels are not bad for a first effort either.
So I cross another item off the list, put the double pointed knitting needles away safely and proceed with..... Sewing hexagons.   Now I am digging a hole in my right hand middle finger!
I completed the machine sewing on the Fabric Bomb bag and have only the pesky hand sewing to do.
While my sewing machine was out I did a couple of mending jobs and exerted considerable self restraint in not starting one of my planned  dressmaking projects.   There are still several weeks to summer so dressmaking is not high on the list of priorities.
Over the weekend I purchased the hardware for The Mermaids Chest and also a couple of small silver fish to hang inside it.   But I have promised myself a holiday from The Chest for a week and so found some fine linen in my stash to make another Christmas ornament.   If my mathematics is correct this one will fit inside a Tim Holtz pocket watch and find a place on my own tree.   Fingers crossed that calculations are correct.
I think this linen is fine enough to try out a biscornu from Yvette Stanton's Sardinian Knotted Embroidery book.
These plans should see this week filled and then it will be back to building chests for mermaids.  With all the materials to hand there is no real excuse for not completing this by the end of the month.  Watch this space.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Flat Pack Mermaid's Chest

We have the beginnings of a Happy Dance.   Stitching on The Mermaid's Chest is now complete and it is now in the "flat pack" stage.  
Next, I need to read the instructions very carefully, visit my LNS to purchase the necessary hardware and then construction can begin.   Meanwhile all pieces are folded carefully in a box and I am continuing on with another WIP.   I did change the verse spacing and I changed the U to look more rounded than pointed - although the floss is called Stormy Skies it certainly looks like the deep blue of the sea. Fiona found the source of the quotation for me
The quote is taken from a letter written by Elizabethan explorer James Lancaster to The East India Company...Right Worshipful, what hath passed in this voyage, and what trades I have settled for this company, and what other events have befallen us, you shall understand by the bearers hereof, to whom (as occasion hath fallen) I must refer you. I will strive with all diligence to save my ship, and her goods, as you may perceive, by the course I take in venturing my own life, and those that are with me. I cannot tell where you should look for me, if you send any pinnace to seek me, because I live at the devotion of the wind and the seas. And thus fare you well, desiring God to send us a merry meeting in this world, if it be his good will and pleasure.
Thanks Fiona.   I am thinking of printing off the explanation on a small card and tucking it into one of the pockets in the hope that when I am gone or gaga, my relations will not think I had a less than adequate grasp of poetry!
Now, I am back with the hexagons and making flowers.  Nothing too exciting here but the precise geometry gladdens my heart.
Tonight I plan on starting Sock Number 2.   Our winter is almost over but I need this project out of the way so onward and upward...  There will always be another winter and global warming will never have sufficient impact in my lifetime for me to say goodbye to woolly socks.
And all the while I dream of what I will do next -  Christmas Ornaments ???   Whitework Biscornu ???  or Something Else From Stash ???  
Enjoy your evening as I will mine

Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Fabric Bomb has morphed!

You might remember that Pamela's husband drew my name for the fabric bomb and she kindly sent me a package of several Japanese fabrics.   I scratched my head and sprouted a few more grey hairs before settling on....
Many years ago when living in Japan I used to make little kimono ladies out of Japanese paper.  So why not a slightly bigger kimono lady out of Japanese fabric?   I ironed interfacing onto the kimono fabric and proceeded to fold and press.   The obi isn't authentic but is made from two more of the fabrics Pamela sent. The obi cord is made of the threads and the hair decoration is the ribbon and button.  
I plan on making this up into a tote bag to hang from wooden handles I bought while in Japan 10 years ago.   But there is more work yet to get this lady fastened to the bag fabric.
She reminds me of summer nights at festivals in Japan - hence I used the yellow ribbon as a reminder to me of the strings of lights over the food stalls at those festivals.
I am not an aficionado of applique or quilting but she's looking good and I have been taken out of my comfort zone a little.   Thanks Pamela.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Fabric Bomb

Thank you to all who left a comment wanting to participate in the Fabric Bomb.
Today the HD3QBEM chose at random from the comments and she chose

I have never heard of this, but think it would be fun and Lord knows I have enough fabric and notions to bomb:)
Thanks for a chance at a great prize!!
So Julie if you will send me your postal address my Fabric Bomb will be on its way to you.  
There is nothing to report on the stitching front from this end -  my weekend has been too busy to stitch but hopefully tonight I will be able to make progress on The Mermaids Chest

Have a good week.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Patchwork Progress

I remembered my promise-to-self and made a start on stitching together the hexagons.  Wanting this runner to be totally random I decided to make each 'flower' different and tonight's progress is this
While I am convinced I will never become a patchworker, this type of piecing appeals to my frugal nature and uses up lots of little pieces from my fabric bin.  My vision of a granny quilt looks as if it might be possible so I am happy.  
Back to The Mermaid's Chest tomorrow night....

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tomorrow Is International Embroiderers Day.

Pamela reminded me on her blog that July 30 is International Embroiderers Day.  How will you celebrate?   I desperately want to start something new as this seems like such an auspicious day to begin a new project.   BUT I'm not prepared for the stress of having more Works In Progress.   Currently I have two projects on the go and a box of Hexagon patchwork that is having little attention paid to it.   Now, there's a thought.   I will declare tomorrow to be hexagon patch day at my house and make an effort to complete the tacking of these pretty little fabric hexies.   Who knows I might get some joined together!
My fabric bomb has been occupying my thoughts and I now have "a plan" so am hoping that over the weekend I will be able to begin work on this.   I need to find my Gygli cloth interfacing and some black linen for the hair.   Not being a creative person this feels like an extensions class at one of our Guild classes.   Hopefully the finished product will be useful or at least beautiful.
Anyone who wants to participate in the draw to receive a fabric bomb from me please leave a comment here as I will have the HD3QBEM draw a name in the weekend.  
I kept company with my mermaid last night and made good progress on her Chest.   As I am still unsure about the verse on the base I decided to stitch all the pockets and the wave border before I make the final decision.   I can't quite see why even a mermaid would need a lattice of ropes on the inside base of her Chest so will probably opt for a legible verse and no ropes.   There will be ropes aplenty on the outside.   She won't be ready to display in our Guild Exhibition this year but I plan on completing her before Christmas as I', already planning my list for next year!